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The Power Of A Good Hug

Mental Wellbeing
Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

The Power Of A Good Hug

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Don’t you ever be sad again that she only hugged you. Hugs are actually great, maybe even better than *cough* the other advanced stuff. Here’s why.

A hug is one of the most potent human interactions known to man. It is supposed to provide instant relief from anything between Monday blues to a life crisis. Everyone needs a warm embrace once in a while that makes you feel gooey from the inside and magically better about yourself. Scientists say that even trivial instances of interpersonal touches clear up the mind and help in making better decisions. So, how powerful are these hugs? Let's find out.

Oxytocin is oxygen! – Hugs trigger a release of oxytocin that stimulates solidarity between strangers, builds trust, and helps in forming stronger social bonds. Research from the University of California revealed that hugs make humans more civilised and more affectionate. They also seemed to boost the libido and performance of the test subjects.

See you later, stress-tigator – Say bye to stress. A hug that lasts more than 20 seconds is known to lower the levels of cortisol in the body. Talk about free therapy.

Stay physical – In another study conducted by the University of North Carolina, researchers found that participants who didn't have any physical contact with their partners had a higher heart rate by over 10 beats per minute, as compared to others who were asked to hug their partners.

Hugging is a mood-upper – Seriously, sometimes nothing says ‘you're not alone’ like a hug from a friend who sees that you're having a bad day. A good hug is like a miracle, because very few people today are ready to indulge in an intimate hug by taking out the time; and you shouldn't be afraid of giving a friend a much-needed hug. It would brighten their day – promise.

Hugs make you a better person – Hugs cultivate patience and appreciation, with time. The world today is like a big race where everyone is competing against everyone, constantly running to meet a target. In times like these, where nobody gives a care for someone else's suffering, taking out time to appreciate and acknowledge someone's effort, and to give them an encouraging hug means that you're growing as a person and becoming wiser, more nurturing, and more patient.

Hoga – when hugs are like yoga – Hugs instil a feeling of tranquillity and calm inside, and getting or giving a hug is one of the best ways to connect with yourself. A nice, long hug is the best way to say sorry, ask for forgiveness, and look inside yourself to truly understand how you feel. It's the time to let go, and to just go with the good feeling.

Hugs are the shizz – Which brings me to my last point – hugs feel good. We make so many compromises in a day, but ask yourself – when did you do something that felt really good? I think by now you get it. Go out there and give out more hugs to show people that you care. The world becomes a better place with every hug you gift.  

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