7 Beauty Benefits Of Exercise
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7 Beauty Benefits Of Exercise

Vallari Sharma
2 min read

7 Beauty Benefits Of Exercise

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If you think exercising only aids in bodybuilding and weight loss, think again! Apart from ensuring that your body remains in shape, exercise has numerous benefits to offer. It can make you look prettier!

Don’t believe us? Well, here is a list of 7 beauty benefits of exercise, backed by science.  

1. Helps you get an instant glow

Ever noticed that ‘natural blush’ after taking a brisk walk or jog? Doesn’t it make you fall in love with what you see in the mirror? What if you could always look like this? Well, you can! All you need to do is to not skip your workout session. We all know that when we work-out, the blood circulation in our body improves, but most us are not aware of the fact that when we exercise, the increased blood flow pushes vitamins, minerals, and oxygen into the capillaries which provide nourishment to our skin. When your skin is nourished, it’s happy and happy skin is the prettiest.

2.  Makes your hair luscious and strong

Regular workout not only nourishes your skin, but also your scalp. It makes your hair healthier, stronger and shinier. Moreover, exercise is known to be a great stress reliever and stress is a major reason for brittle hair and hair fall. When you exercise, your stress levels are reduced and so are your chances of experiencing premature balding. Amazing, isn’t it?

3. Helps you sleep better for healthy and supple skin

We’ve heard of beauty benefits of a good night sleep, but do you keep twiddling in bed for hours before you actually fall asleep? Well, if that’s the case, then running a couple of miles or a few extra minutes of cardio can be of great help. According to a study by the ‘National Sleep Foundation’, exercising not only helps cut the time it takes you to fall asleep but also improves the quality of your sleep. When you sleep well, your body secretes a growth hormone that helps repair and rebuild collagen tissues which are responsible for keeping your skin healthy and supple.

4. Prevents wrinkles and sagging

Defy time by taking out a few minutes to exercise. We know that exercising helps in lowering stress levels but how does it happen? By fighting the stress-related hormone called cortisol! Various studies have shown that too much of cortisol cause the collagen in the skin to break down which leads to wrinkles and sagging. And exercise naturally supports the production of collagen, the protein that is responsible for maintaining your skin's elasticity and firmness.

5. Helps fight acne

If you’re tired investing in anti-acne treatments that don’t seem to work, it’s time you invest some time in working out. When you exercise, you sweat and through sweat your body gets rid of many toxins that are not only responsible for your acne, but also for many serious health problems.
PS: Exercising with make-up on can clog your pores and worsen your acne problem. So, never ever exercise with make-up on. If you exercise in open, don’t forget to apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen, 20 minutes before you step out.

6. Reduces cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem among women these days. The market is full of treatments and cosmetics that claim to reduce and remove cellulite. We don’t know if those treatments are effective or not, but all we know is, they’re expensive. Quite expensive! The cheapest way to get rid of cellulite is probably, exercise. As you may know that cellulite is a symptom of reduced lymph circulation and it’s nothing but globular fat, trapped beneath the top layers of your skin, it can easily be dissolved by exercising. Exercise not only improves the lymph flow through fatty areas but also helps in flushing out toxins which ultimately helps in reducing the cellulite.

7. Improves digestion for glowing and clear skin

You might be surprised to know this, but digestive problems show on your face. According to Ayurveda, improper digestion is a major cause of dull complexion and breakouts. Exercise not only helps you digest food quickly, but it also strengthens your abdomen and intestinal muscles, which are responsible for breaking down the food. The stronger the muscles, the more efficient they are in breaking down the food. So, even if you’ve skipped your workout, don’t forget to take a quick stroll after having your meals.

So, next time rather than splurging money on expensive lotions and potions, invest in a good pair of running shoes (or a yoga mat). It can work wonders and you might not visit a dermatologist ever again!

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