6 Easy Ways To Go Green
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6 Easy Ways To Go Green

Organic Beauty
Team healthhunt
2 min read

6 Easy Ways To Go Green

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Beauty is definitely more than just skin deep. Ask anyone who has spent years trying to maintain their looks, and they are likely to say that in addition to what is reflected at a first glance when someone looks at them, beauty is an amalgamation of what we eat, what put on our skin, and how we continue to nourish it over a period of time.

Image Source: https://yogisurprise.com/

Clean beauty has slowly and surely become trendy as more and more people opt for brands that are sustainable and ‘green’, giving parabens-laden stuff a miss and giving their skin and hair a chance to breathe. In addition to products that rely on natural ingredients, there are some simple things one can take care of.

Here are 6 easy ways to go green in beauty:

Simplify your routine

Instead of using multiple products as a part of your beauty regime, this year, think smart and try and buy products that double (or triple) up in more ways than one. For example, buy one of those all-in-one sticks which work wonders on the cheeks, eyes, lips, etc., and eliminate the need for purchasing singular products for each beauty routine. This will help reduce wastage, which is a big problem in the business of beauty given the role that packaging these products typically plays.

Image source: http://www.veganbeautyreview.com/

Green tools

Use makeup brushes and other beauty tools that are made using green materials, such as bamboo, etc., and have a minimal impact on the environment. You will also find that these work better than their synthetic counterparts as those made with animal hair tend to work less effectively while blending makeup, given their texture.

Be obsessive about labels

Gone are the days when a cursory glance at a label was enough to see you through. If you care enough about sustainability and want to go green in your beauty regime, you must be a label hound. Parabens and microbeads are not acceptable anymore; so ditch products that use them. Stay with natural ingredients and organic products that seem to work with the environment rather than against it.

Image source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/

Soap bars over liquid

While liquid soap might be easier to use, especially when one travels, try and limit your use to a bar of soap which uses limited packaging. Also, try and ensure products are organic and use no synthetic fragrance, dyes, and sulphates which take years to break down and cause significant damage to the environment.

healthhunt recommends - Natural Green Apple Soap / Natural Neem & Tulsi Soap

Go plastic free

When you go shopping for beauty products be aware of the choices that you are making. Plastic may be a necessary evil for many businesses, but plastic pollution is a huge problem and we can do well to eliminate buys that are plastic heavy. Many big beauty brands today are all for recycling and, in fact, give you a free product in lieu of old bottles of shampoo or used lipstick cases.

Image source: http://cdn.analyteguru.com/

Reduce water consumption

Yes, it feels great to stand under a hot, strong shower for an extended period of time but no, it is not great for the environment. Unfortunately, most beauty rituals use a lot of water; so start by using a bucket for your bath, turn off the tap while lathering on the face wash, and if you are going for a day to the spa, be conscious of the amount of water being spent on your manicure and pedicure among other things.

By making these small, simple changes in your beauty rituals, you can contribute significantly to the environment and also ensure your skin and hair breathe easy.

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