6 Ways To Achieve An Age-Proof, Younger-Looking Neck
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6 Ways To Achieve An Age-Proof, Younger-Looking Neck

Mansi Kohli
2 min read

6 Ways To Achieve An Age-Proof, Younger-Looking Neck

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It’s always the neck that starts getting all crepe-y first.

It isn’t surprising that for many of us, the neck is a blind spot. The neck is one of the most worrisome and fine areas on one’s body, just like the area under the eyes, which tends to reveal early signs of ageing. From saggy skin to turkey neck, from loose muscles to tree-ring lines, our necks face the ageing brunt early on! Here are a few staying young strategies, which will help in age-proofing your neck effectively.
  1. Always, always go to sleep without any make-up on – This is perhaps one of the most important glamour girls’ golden beauty rules. This is because skin tends to renew itself overnight, and if you alter with the natural functioning of the skin by clogging your pores with makeup, then you are just welcoming early ageing signs on your face and neck.
  2. Tighten the skin on your neck with a few neck exercises – From stretching your chin forward, to bending the neck in a sideward position with your mouth closed, neck exercises are a great way to achieve strong and supple skin. A great anti-ageing solution, another tip is to smile a lot more with your lips closed, in order to tighten your chin area.
  3. Be best friends with vitamin C – If there’s one antioxidant which every beauty expert raves about, then it is the one and only vitamin C. Not only does the regular application and intake of vitamin C help in combating environmental irritants like harsh sun rays and smog, it also helps in the constant repairing of the skin. As a bonus, it can also help in brightening the neck skin’s complexion tremendously, leading to an overall glowing look.
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4. Lubricate the skin with organic oils – It is often seen that the skin on and around our neck is drier and more sensitive, as these areas contain lesser lubricating oil glands. Hence, it is essential to regularly massage the neck area with organic coconut or organic olive oil. Massage in an upward motion, at least twice a week.

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5. Use homemade face masks for nourishment – Face masks are a great way to add shine, lustre, and suppleness to the skin on the face and neck. Use any crushed seasonal fruit, mix a few drops of cucumber juice and tomato juice to it, add vitamin E oil and lime juice, and your homemade face mask is ready! Your skin will definitely feel lighter, tighter, and refreshed post this.

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6. Maintain the right posture – Perpetually sitting in your office chair in a hunched position, or leaning over your cell phone in a ‘text-neck-way’ is one of the major contributors to achieving the turkey neck effect. Steer clear of the hunchback trap, and sit up straight as much as possible.

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Which tricks do you follow to keep your neck in check? Do write in to us!

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