6 Simple Ways To Be A Little Healthier Everyday
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6 Simple Ways To Be A Little Healthier Everyday

Team healthhunt
2 min read

6 Simple Ways To Be A Little Healthier Everyday

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There exists no shortcut to a healthy, happy life - only small, steady improvements that happen every day.

  • GRAB YOUR TOES AND PULL:  This boosts circulation after your feet have been cramped in air-tight shoes all day.
  • GIVE YOUR LINEN A WEEKLY WASH: Dust mites, a common allergen, love to hang out in your bed.
  • PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT MODE AT NIGHT: Don't let your loved ones come in the way of rest.
  • GO COMMANDO ONCE IN A WHILE: Wearing no undergarments—or just cotton ones—allows the external genitals to dry and reduces bacteria growth.
  • CRANK DOWN THE VOLUME: MP3 players can create sound up to 120 decibels—loud enough to cause hearing loss over time.
  • CHECK YOURSELF OUT: Do a full body check-up on yourself, once a month in a well-lit room.

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