6 Sex Positions People With Disabilities Will Enjoy
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6 Sex Positions People With Disabilities Will Enjoy

Lakshmi Devan
5 min read

6 Sex Positions People With Disabilities Will Enjoy

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What worries me most about the entertainment industry today is the lack of minority representation. How come we never see an elderly couple making love or people with disability indulging in intercourse with their romantic partners? Why do we never see obese bodies grinding against each other in passion? It is officially time to talk about disability-friendly sex positions.

Every human being is entitled to sex and pleasure, and yet we only ever see conventionally attractive actors (with their ‘perfect’, modified, almost unreal bodies) simulate sex on screen.  It is unfair and I’m guilty myself. You see, I’ve only written about sex, masturbation, and pleasure for the ordinarily-abled person. I’ve somehow never gotten to talking about the extraordinarily-abled people and their needs. The fact has always bothered me and I’ve finally decided to address it.

Disability does not in any way mean asexuality. In fact, if lately you’ve found yourself struggling to keep up with the sexuality glossary, then here’s something for you. This article is dedicated to all the specially-abled people out there. For all the nervous virgins out there and for those who are looking to upgrade their sexual adventures, I bring you my official list of 6 sex positions people with disabilities can try.
  1. Upgraded Doggy-Style: Admittedly, doggy-style is my favourite position of all time. Doggy-style with a little upgradation is an equally good sex position for disabled individuals, especially those confined to a wheelchair. What makes this position effective is that the partner in the wheelchair doesn’t have to do all the work. Instead, the partner on top moves back and forth (or up and down) while thrusting.

Upgraded Doggy-Style

2. Bamboozle: This is the sexiest of all disability-friendly sex positions, I think. The best part about this position? It is suitable for all gender identities and sexual preferences. The specially-abled person lays back on a comfortable surface (bed?), while the other partner who is more able and willing to do all the work gets on top (refer to the picture) and fondles and grinds. This leaves both the partners with their hands free to caress and fondle. Mmm! Are you imagining this the way I am?


3. Highway to Hell: In case you’re wondering, all these positions are being named by me as I go. I’m naming them based on the feelings/songs/thoughts/images flooding my heart as I write about them. Now this one is a special one. Up till now, I’ve talked about positions where the partner with disability wasn’t doing any work. They were mostly in comfortable positions being pleasured. Now is their turn to give back. This particular position is for individuals in wheelchairs. The more ‘abled’ partner can lie on the edge of the bed or table with the lower half of their body on their partner’s lap. This gives the partner with disability an apt position and ‘angle of approach’ to orally pleasure their partners.

Highway to Hell

4. Advanced Missionary: Disability can impact an individual’s sex life, but not always in a bad way. All it means is that the couple will have to be more creative in the bedroom, which is great because it can segue into wonderfully honest conversation.  This position is great for anyone who might be bedridden due to a chronic illness. In general, it can work for anyone with any sort of disability.

In this position, the disabled partner lays on the edge of a bed or desk (or any flat surface) with their lower body supported by their able-bodied partner who is standing. The standing partner can then lead the foreplay and intercourse. Getting in the position in the first place will take a small amount of work, so be sure to talk the whole process through with your partner.

Advanced Missionary

5. Ole Cowgirl: Well, if you follow my articles regularly, then you’re thorough with the cowgirl position by now. What you must know is that it works equally well in a relationship where one partner might have a disability. Simply put, if you are an able-bodied person who wants to be penetrated by your partner with disability, then this position works beautifully.

All you have to do is get on top of your partner, with your knees folded, while they rest on a flat surface. You can lean in or back, depending on the level of penetration you like and just jounce up and down at the pace you both prefer.


Ole Cowgirl

6. The Sunday: Feeling lazy, but horny? Well, Sundays can be like that. Therefore, I’ve named this particular position after the day of the week. This sex position is especially fitting for those with spasticity or involuntary twitching of the hips.

Here, both the partners lay side to side, but vertically inverted to each other and on their sides. This position gives both partners easy access to the ‘centres of pleasure’ in each other’s bodies. You can indulge in oral sex or digital penetration – it’s a brave new world out there.

The Sunday

People with disabilities often struggle to accept and express their sexuality because of the ever-persistent stigma around them. People still hold a lot of misconceptions about those with disability. Even those who mean well, assume people with disabilities to be ‘brave and courageous’. The truth is, just as you’d get glasses if you had issues with your vision, a person with issues with mobility may use a wheelchair. You are NOT obligated to ‘take care’ of people with disabilities. They are NOT constantly in need of help. They do NOT have a ‘sixth sense’ to ‘compensate’ for their disability. They do NOT prefer to only be with ‘their kind’.

The truth is that one person alone cannot contribute to bringing about a change and creating more acceptance towards people with disabilities. Therefore, we must all contribute to the change. This article is a tiny step in that direction. Share this with someone with disability today and remind them to embrace their sexual and romantic nature.

Everyone deserves a chance at courtship. By the way, here’s what a recent study has to say about loneliness.

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