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5 Habits That Can Drastically Improve Every Woman's Sex Life

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

5 Habits That Can Drastically Improve Every Woman's Sex Life

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This International Women’s Day, I’ve decided to help each and every wonderful woman out there in my own special way. I’m going to help you orgasm!

If you follow my articles, then you know that I like to go on and on about sex. Sex is one of my favourite conversation starters.  Oops, I don’t think I made myself clear. I don’t mean that I start my conversation by skipping pleasantries and jumping right to sex; I meant that ‘sex’ as a topic is my favourite subject to start a conversation. Though it can be awkward at times, because you don’t expect a woman to just walk up to you and ask if you’ve explored your clitoris.  

Er, but I am that strange woman and I often (read: pretty much always) take people by utter surprise (read: shock). But I wasn’t always this uninhibited. It took years of disasters to come to this point. But as long as I live, I’m not going to let you make those same mistakes. I’m going to save you about 7 years.

How, you ask?  - By telling you about the 6 habits that can drastically improve every woman’s sex life and help you orgasm.  A lady has got to do what she has got to do, you know?

  1. Master masturbation: We often tend to look at masturbation as a means to orgasm, and nothing more. So, we quickly get frisky and get it done within 5 minutes like it’s a chore. Stop doing that right now! What you need to do instead is get into a habit of spending time with yourself…exploring every curve and crevice. Touch yourself selflessly. Treat yourself the way you would treat your partner in bed. Focus on the little sensations - a feather, an ice cube, or just your own lingering finger tips. The true secret of acing masturbation is in the little details.

2. Spend time in front of the mirror: You know what holds back most women from having fun in bed? – Being self-conscious. Dare you deny it! If you keep thinking, “Oh, what will he think of my stretch marks? Will my back acne put him off?” Well, I’ll tell you what turns on people the most: Confidence! Now, try the following:

  • Go in front of the mirror.
  • Dance/sing/strip or strut.
  • Check yourself out the way you would check someone else out at a pub.
  • Look at your body in all its glory.
  • Remind yourself of all your qualities (superficial and otherwise).
You are more than your flaws and failures. You are one hell of a woman!

3. Let go of expectations: Do not, and I repeat, do not enter the bedroom with colossal expectations. Sex is a unique experience each and every time. So, it can be excellent this time, but average the next time…and that’s fine! If you let Judge Judy into your head while you are with your partner, chances are you would totally spoil the experience for the both of you. So, focus on having fun and let everything else fall into place.

4. Don’t forget to take deep breaths:  Do you, even after all these years, get anxious when it comes to sex? Well, the good news is that you’re certainly not alone. Sex can be intimidating, today more than ever. The amount of pressure on people today to accomplish porn-like levels of sexual experiences is ludicrous. So, whenever you start doubting yourself, take a deep breath. I mean it - DEEP BREATH. Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold it in for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 7 seconds. Once you learn the art of calming yourself down in times of stress, you will realise that sex doesn’t overwhelm you anymore.

5. Try honesty:  Do you fake orgasms or lie to your partner about matters in the bedroom? Is it because you’re ashamed or don’t want to hurt their feelings? Well, as well-intentioned as your actions might be, you’re doing more bad than good. The biggest favour you can do to your sex life is being honest.  Be honest about your wild fantasies and fetishes. Be honest when some things are not working for you during sex. Lastly, be honest about when you orgasm (if you do). After all, the sole purpose of sex is to bring 2 people closer…and orgasms just happen to be a result of it and not vice versa.  Trust me; you’d rather be honest and give your partner a momentary heartbreak than lie and have a lifetime of disappointing sex.

To encapsulate: Focus on confidence, self-love, intimacy, love, and honesty – and the O-Goddess will be sure to shower her blessings upon you this Women’s Day.  

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