5 Ancient Ayurvedic Practices That Will Change Your Life Forever
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5 Ancient Ayurvedic Practices That Will Change Your Life Forever

Mental Wellbeing
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5 Ancient Ayurvedic Practices That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Ayurveda is a consciousness based on approach to health, a spiritual medicine recognising the phenomenal intelligence in every grain, every seed of all life and every living thing.

  • Drink Warm Water and Ginger Tea
    Drink a lot of warm water or ginger tea through the day. Ginger and warm water both support a healthy digestion.
  • Eat in Silence
    You appreciate your food more feel more satisfied after your meal.
  • Practice Pranayama
    Deep diaphragmatic breathing clears the lungs of carbon dioxide, and increases oxygen intake, promotes digestion and provides you body with more vital energy.
  • And Meditation
    Meditation can include breath awareness to moving meditation or yoga.
  • Pamper Yourself With A Massage
    Numerous studies have shown the amazing health benefits of massage, including lowered blood pressure, increased muscle tone, stress reduction, and increased lymphatic. 

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