4 Types of Kisses And What They Reveal About Your Partner's Feelings
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4 Types of Kisses And What They Reveal About Your Partner's Feelings

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

4 Types of Kisses And What They Reveal About Your Partner's Feelings

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Little things add up to big things. When it comes to kissing, which would seem like a small part of your relationship, the minute details could reveal a surprising amount of truths about your partner’s feelings.

So, if your partner has been giving you any of the following kisses – cheek pecks, lazy stomach kisses, neck smooches, or deep body kisses, then keep reading.

If popular culture is anything to go by, then there are over 20 different types of kisses. There’s the French kiss, Eskimo kiss, single lip kiss, butterfly kiss, Spiderman kiss, lingering kiss, lizard kiss, air kiss, angel kiss, jaw kiss, vampire kiss…and the list goes on, my friends. Now, if you’ve been in a relationship before, then you know that the best way to check if your partner is miffed with you is to lean in for a kiss and watch them move away. I use it as a yardstick to measure how badly I may have annoyed my romantic partner, all the time! *evil laugh*

But, other than these kisses that are snubbed, there are a hundred other ways kisses give away secrets. The way your partner holds you, caresses you, and kisses you, say a lot about their feelings.

Without much ado, here are the 4 types of kisses and what they reveal about your partner’s feelings:

  1. Cheek pecks: 2 light pecks on the cheeks is a part of popular custom in the European culture, reserved for mainly family and friends. But, depending on the context of your relationship, this kiss could mean different things.

a. If it is a girl you’ve been hitting on, who just suddenly popped one on the cheek, then it could mean that you’ve been friend-zoned, my friend.

b. If you are 14 years old, and the guy you have a crush on just gave you a peck on the cheek, then it could probably mean that he is shy. He probably wants to check your comfort before he makes a big move.

c. If your long-term partner just started showing you the cheek every time you lean in for a kiss, well, then it might be a sign of strain in the relationship. It’s time to talk.

Types of Kisses And their meaning

2. Stomach kisses: Stomach kisses are a sign of uninhibited comfort and love in a relationship. I used to kiss my mother’s stomach when I was little, and ask her how she got all the “zebra stripes”. So, when it comes to romantic relationships too, stomach kisses are a sign of pure love, trust, and comfort. What’s more – some people are extremely sensitive in areas around the stomach. Such people go mad with pleasure if you were to kiss their stomach! So, for all the rightly sexual reasons – stomach kisses are a thumbs-up. Therefore, if your partner kisses you on your stomach, then you are one lucky muffin.

3. Neck smooches: Well, I’m going to talk about both neck and ear lobe kisses in this category. They both belong together because of one big reason – they’re both one of the most erogenous kisses between 2 people. Whether it’s nibbling on the ear lobes or running their lips down your neck, these kisses are a sign of intense passion in a relationship. So, if you’ve been together for a long time and your partner still nibbles your ear lobes or kisses your neck, then that’s a great sign! It indicates that they are still just as attracted to you, as they were many years ago. I envy you!  

Types of Kisses And their meaning

4. Deep body kisses: There is something so deeply sexual about kissing your partner all over their body. It’s like reminding them that they are beautiful. It’s like proclaiming that you love them for their stretch marks, beauty spots, cellulite, loose skin, dimples, pigmentation, back acne, and birth marks. It’s telling them that you love their soul. It’s just like wanting to eat them up! Deep body kisses can feel all-consuming to the receiver and the giver. It’s this unfathomable connection between 2 people- where no words are spoken and yet a lot. It’s like writing poetry with your lips on their skin. So, deep body kisses mean deep love and burning passion.

All in all, kissing is the best way to share intimacy, show affection, and of course seduce your partner into a sexy romp. Let this article inspire you to approach your partner, if you feel like they’ve been acting distant, or just to tackle them in a big hug to tell them how much they mean to you. If any of your friends have been facing certain doubts in their relationship, then be sure to share this with them.

Write in to us at info@healthhunt.in or comment below to tell us what you think.

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