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22 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Detox

Organic Beauty
Mansi Kohli
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22 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Detox

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Disconnect yourself from devices, so you can really connect with yourself.

Do you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up? Do you not remember the last time you actually read a paperback? Do you have hundreds of excuses about why you haven’t started that meditation practice yet? Simply can’t recall the last time you kept your laptop off for 24 hours?

Is your answer to all of the above questions yes, yes, yes, and yes? Welcome to the world of digital zombies. A world of next-to-nil productivity, and a world of less fulfilment. So how can you escape this maddening digital realm, and cross over for an escape?

Embrace the world of digital detoxification. A world where you will be able to detoxify and cleanse your mind, by digging deeper emotionally, and re-prioritising your life.

Unplugging yourself for a minimum of 24 hours from all your computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other digital devices is how you should roll! What are its advantages, you ask? Among the hundreds of benefits, we picked the 22 greatest advantages of going on a 24-hour digital detox:

digital detox health benefits
  1. It will give you ample amount of time to indulge in a long-lost hobby or passion. It can be painting a small pot, cooking a new recipe, or heading out with your friends to the latest bar.
  2. Being away from the virtual world of shiny new adverts, righteous complaints, stellar insights, and mouth-watering meal pictures will give you peaceful hours beyond the grasp of others.
  3. You will start to feel deeply connected with yourself, your life situation, and with others.
  4. You are likely to gain a new perspective, by pondering over a renewed self-image.
  5. You might improve your relationship with your loved ones by striking up conversations and sharing your feelings.
  6. You will certainly step away from multitasking – a great way to focus more on the task at hand.
  7. Not sleeping by your phone for a day is a great way to drastically improve your sleep quality.
  8. The digital-onslaught break is more likely to make you pay attention to the smaller things in life.
  9. It can also mean an increased amount of physical awareness, as you won’t constantly be bending your head, hunching, leaning towards a screen, or positioning your neck in a weird way.
  10. It will help you in breaking away from the reward cycle, which you fuel yourself with, by continuously checking your social media platforms and emails.
  11. It will help you in gaining more awareness about things, people, and nature around you.
  12. This technology-free time is bound to teach you to be more in tune with your thoughts and your inner self.
  13. It will take away tons of responsibility from your shoulder to be always replying to people ‘on time’ by being ‘always available’.
  14. It’s a great feeling to be breathing with the awareness that the monkey isn’t on your back (read: your smartphone!).
  15. It will let you gain a new perspective on how you should be restrictive of technology.
  16. Because digital detox is a challenge, it is a great way to know that however addictive it might be, you can accept a challenge and win it!
  17. You can find time to have an in-depth conversation with someone, and ponder over questions, the answers to which are perhaps not found on the net.
  18. You will return to digital life the next day with fresh and energetic ideas.
  19. Give yourself a break from the information overload that has become a way of life.
  20. Have real experiences and fond memories, which aren’t just meant to be captured, but to be felt and enjoyed.
  21. Feel free and unclutter your mind.
  22. Find a digital balance that works for you.
digital detox benefits

Go try a #DigitalDetox today, and journal your experiences. We are sure you will amaze yourself with the learnings!

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