(हिन्दी) 13 Out-of-the-Box Ideas For A Healthier Valentine
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13 Out-of-the-Box Ideas For A Healthier Valentine

Team healthhunt
3 min read

13 Out-of-the-Box Ideas For A Healthier Valentine

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It’s that time of the year when you feel like wearing your heart on your sleeve; a time when goofy young people in love spend hours gazing into each other’s eyes and get giddy with excitement since it is the month that celebrates Valentine’s Day.

Having said that, the flowers, the red hearts, the teddy bears, and the box of chocolates have all become seriously outdated and, today, couples go beyond the tried-and-tested as they celebrate the day of love with a renewed interest in bonding and doing fun things together. Take a break from the mundane and put yours and your partner’s health on the front burner this Valentine’s Day as you celebrate good health like never before.

Sign up for a class
Nothing works to get those endorphins raging like a good workout. Sign up for a fun spinning class or boot camp with your partner this month as you take control of your life and your health. Spend time together while you take a twirl and still burn all those calories.

Go hiking
There is something very special about going for a long walk, especially if you live somewhere where the air is clean. Or, better still, plan a hike outside the bustle of the city and breathe in the pure air. Nothing like a fun, light hike with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Put on your dancing shoes
Dancing is fun, and it gets you in the mood for some serious romance. Sign up for a dance class or just grab your partner and head to a night spot for a night of bogeying. Watch those calories melt as you get jiggy on the dance floor.

Run together

Get hold of your Valentine and go running. Sign up for a marathon or be less ambitious and just put on your running shoes and hit the nearest trail. Panting together can be fun, even if there’s no sex involved!

Say yes to yoga
Yoga not only helps couples bond, it also increases flexibility and allows you to stretch those body parts. As you and your partner stretch in unison, add a dash of extra flexibility to your lovemaking and also get your mind in top working condition as you meditate and breathe deep.

Massage time
Ayurvedic massages are the new trend. Treat yourself or your partner to an indulgent massage or better still, go for a couples’ session. Not only does this ease the kinks and makes you feel relaxed and calm, it also improves blood circulation and your overall health.

Kiss away
This is the prescription for all things nice. Cuddle your partner this Valentine’s Day and spend time just kissing rather than actually making love. Kissing is said to better your health and is good for a relationship. The hormones that are released during kissing also increase one’s sense of well-being; so bring it on—tongue and all!

Cook together
We are what we eat. If you want to up the health quotient of your relationship, plan a nice cooking session with your partner. Create a healthy, fun menu that has a lot of reds in it (beets, red peppers, strawberries, cherries, etc.) and enjoy your time as you get all playful in the kitchen.

Go on a picnic

Get outdoors this Valentine with a bottle of your favourite drink and some healthy food. Step out of your comfort zone and instead of overeating at a fancy restaurant, connect with yourself and your environment as you and your partner share a salad, health sandwich, or the like on Valentine’s Day.

Eat some chocolate

Yes, it is great to be healthy together. And no, not all chocolates are bad for you. Get some dark chocolate and get cozy while sharing a bar that is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants and is good for your system. Better still, pull out your fondue set and whip up some healthy (is there such a thing?) chocolate fondue together which you can then dip some fruit into and gorge on.

Focus on portion control
Don’t go overboard with the eating this Valentine’s Day. Instead, focus on portion control in the name of love, and you’ll find yourself feeling lighter at the end of the day and ready to engage in some hanky panky that is much needed.

Smoothie time
Begin Valentine’s Day with a healthy smoothie in bed with your partner. Whip up a smoothie and some passion at the start of the day by choosing ingredients that are healthy and also work as an aphrodisiac.

Drink up
Okay, there is no reason to get wasted, but it is perfectly fine to drink a glass or two of red wine. Not only is it supposed to help cut the risk of blood clots, it is also said to keep your heart healthy. So head to the latest wine bar or buy your own bottle and drink up as you cuddle at home.

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