10 Tips For A Healthy Liver
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10 Tips For A Healthy Liver

Team healthhunt
4 min read

10 Tips For A Healthy Liver

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According to the World Health Organization, people in India are prone to liver disease and it is the 10th most common cause of death in the country. The liver performs several crucial functions but very often we ignore it.

The liver performs several crucial functions but very often we ignore it because other organs such as the kidneys and heart always end up being more prominent, and one feels like the liver can take a back seat. But the liver, which is one of the largest organs in the body, needs some definite love and care as it performs some vital functions. According to the World Health Organization, people in India are prone to liver disease and it is the 10th most common cause of death in the country. World Liver Day, which is celebrated on the 19 April each year, is a good time to highlight the many benefits of a healthy liver and also look at ways to improve your liver health if it is flagging. Here’s what you can do to ensure you have a healthy liver.

Eat a balanced diet

If you eat a diet that is just rich in fats and carbohydrates, chances are your body will rebel after a while, as will your liver. Instead, if you eat sensibly, with a variety of foods from every food group, your liver will not have to work extra hard to remove toxins from the body or aid in digestion which is essential. Foods such as broccoli, carrot, apple, and walnut are considered healthy. Fibrous foods and wholegrains are recommended as well.

Drink safe water

Hepatitis is a disease that is linked to the consumption of contaminated water, and so whether you are at home or travelling, try and ensure that the water is boiled or has gone through an RO (reverse osmosis) process to make it largely free of contaminants. When travelling to remote areas, opt for bottled water, especially if you are doing so within India.

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Keep your weight down

Obesity is linked to a number of diseases, including those of the liver which is called ‘fatty liver’. So, lose weight to ensure that your liver is in good shape, and there is no additional strain on it.

Exercise when you can

When you exercise regularly, a chemical reaction takes place in the body, and fat in the liver is reduced over a period of time which ensures that the health of your liver is maintained. A minimum of 15 minutes of exercise in a day not only takes care of your fitness but also ensures that your liver benefits in the process.

Drink sensibly

Alcohol needs to be consumed sensibly to ensure that there is no additional stress on the liver since the organ can only process a certain amount of alcohol at a time. If we drink too much the liver can get scarred, and liver cells can even be damaged permanently. So, check with your physician to determine how much alcohol works for your system.

Get vaccinated

Since Hepatitis A and B are both viral infections linked to the liver and take place because of contaminated food and water or contaminated blood and needles, vaccinations work well to keep the danger of the disease at bay.

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Don’t fall for weight-loss fads

Many weight-loss pills contain ingredients that can damage the liver. So, before consuming these, check ingredients and their effects and then eat them sensibly. Weight-loss fads also stress the liver endlessly and hence don’t try and lose too much weight too quickly.

Ensure overall good health

If you already have diabetes or high blood pressure, chances are you can get a fatty liver quite easily. Keep that risk at bay by letting your doctor know about your problems and making sure that the medicine that is prescribed doesn’t hurt your liver in any way.

Smoke less

Smoking has also been linked to liver cancer as per several recent studies. So, cut down or quit if possible to ensure better health for your liver.

Have safe sex

Now, you may be wondering how sex affects the liver. As it turns out, some forms of Hepatitis are transmitted sexually. Hence, try and keep the number of partners you engage with at a minimum, and also use condoms whenever you can to prevent Hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases as well.

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Not so tough to follow these, right? And to know what the best foods are for your heart, click here.

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