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10 Super Shortcuts To Self-Motivation

Mental Wellbeing
3 min read

10 Super Shortcuts To Self-Motivation

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Motivation is a thin line that we all walk. It’s one of those things that we talk about as an essential ingredient for a good life. But the moment you need it, it just seems to vaporise.

Every time I’ve needed motivation and was low on it, it was just so hard to get up and get going! So here is a compilation of tricks and tips from all my experiences and research on what works best on motivating yourself, and why:

  1. Start your day on a positive note – Every morning, remind yourself that you are beautiful and special. And remind yourself of how awesome it’ll be to achieve your goal. Take a few moments to enjoy that feeling before you begin your day.
  2. Write your goal big and clear – Your desk, your desktop, your pin board…write down your goal wherever you want to – just make sure it’s big enough to not be missed, so that you notice it a few times every single day.
  3. Set a time and date to start – Don’t just plunge into the task at the earliest possible moment. It’s almost always a good idea to mark a date and time to start, so that you are mentally geared up and prepared for the task.

4. Begin with baby steps – Remember – every single step towards your goal is crucial. If getting started or sticking to your routine seems like a herculean task, then just start with the tiniest step towards it. These baby steps are easy to follow, and help your brain wire itself into a habit. Then it’s only a matter of increasing the frequency or duration of the routine.

5. Do the toughest task first – If you have a pile of work pending or an exam to prep for, just pick up the toughest first. Your motivation is usually the highest in the beginning of the journey and once you’re done with the toughest or scariest part, it’s a big morale booster.

6. Have your heroes – Follow their social media handles and blogs, and use them as inspiration when you feel low. Read up about them and their stories. Act like them. Go back to them when you find it tough to get inspiration for yourself.

7. Don’t fear failure – Everyone faces failure, even those who don’t tell you about it. Just remind yourself about all the people who have achieved a lot in life, and have done it after failing a lot. Make a list of their success as well as the number of times they failed, and put it up on your pinboard at your desk at home or work.

8. Try to be in a happy and excited mood – Even on the days you are not excited, just try being in that happy mood for some time, and to your surprise, you’ll forget that you were just pretending! As science believes, happy people are more productive, and bad mood leads to low motivation and easy frustration. So the happier you stay, the faster you can get to your goal.

9. Celebrate your wins – Celebration works on the principle of reward mechanism. Every time you achieve a part of your goal or a set task, celebrate it with something you like. This will lead you into a cycle of enjoying your achievements and the feeling of celebration. Win-win!

how to motivate yourself

10. Help others – As the Dalai Lama says, “…If you want to be happy, give compassion”. It’ll give you a sense of happiness, and will motivate you to learn more.

Now that you have all these tricks in your bag, the next time you’re faced with a motivation crisis, you’ll know exactly which road to take.

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