10 Natural Ways To lose Belly Fat
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10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Vallari Sharma
4 min read

10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

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Having diet pills or fat-burning pills may help you get your desired waist size in a few days, but in the long run, these pills that are full of steroids and weird substances that can lead to various health complications.

It’s always wise to resort to losing weight in an organic and a natural way. It might take time, but the result will be long lasting and will improve your overall health.

Here is a list of 10 natural ways to get rid of the belly fat:

1. Drink more water

Not drinking enough water is one of the major causes of obesity. How? Well, to know that, read on.

When one doesn’t drink enough water, the body isn’t able to flush out the toxins. These toxins then get accumulated in the body and make one look fat or bloated. Drinking enough water will help in reducing the toxin levels in the body—thus you will reduce weight.

The other reason is metabolism. Drinking water helps in boosting your metabolism and we all know, the faster the metabolism, the faster our bodies will burn calories.  

The closer you come to drinking the adequate amount of water, the easier it gets for you to come closer to your desired weight. To know how much water you need to drink in a day, take your current weight and divide it by 30. The answer is the number of litres you should be drinking per day.

For example, if you weigh 80 kilograms, then you should drink at least 2.6 litres of water every day. If you’re into exercising, or activities that result in sweating, add an additional 0.35 litres (350 ml) to the figure for every half an hour that you exercise. Moreover, when there’s enough water in the body, one feels full and is less likely to crave junk food or indulge in mindless eating.

Can there be an easier way to burn belly fat? We say not!

2. Get a good night’s sleep

The sleeping pattern of an individual has a major impact on one’s weight. Sleeping at odd hours or not sleeping enough can make you gain those unwanted extra pounds. Science has proven that sleep helps in burning calories.

Normally, a healthy person burns about 0.42 calories per pound for an hour’s sleep. For instance, a person weighing 150 lb burns about 63 calories in one hour. If he or she sleeps for a total of 8 hours, then this person burns 504 calories for the whole duration.

According to a new study by the Laboratory of Physiology in Belgium, researchers have noted that those who were depriving themselves of sleep experienced more hunger pangs than those who were getting adequate sleep. This happens because when the body is sleep deprived, the levels of leptin hormone, the hormone responsible to make you feel full, go down. As you feel hungry more than you should, you tend to eat more. This leads to an increase in weight.

Ideally, one should sleep by 10 pm and get 8 hours of sleep, but if your schedule doesn’t allow that, try to take a power nap of 15–20 minutes during the day, and you will see a remarkable difference in your tummy size.

3. Say no to added sugar

According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, an average person intakes 300 calories from added sugar every day. So, by giving up unnatural sugar, you can cut down about 9,000 calories per month. If you still have sugar cravings, satisfy that with fruits, raisins, dates and, once in a while, a tablespoon or two of honey.

4. Cut down on alcohol

If you’ve given up sugar, but are still downing pints of beer regularly, then you might not experience any of the benefits of a sugar-free diet. Why? Because beer is full of sugar! Alcoholic drinks might taste bitter, but all of them have a lot of sugar. Especially beer! They’re loaded with unnatural sugar and carbs.

Beer belly isn’t a myth—forget losing belly fat if you drink beer regularly. If you want to get rid of your belly fat, you need to ditch the drink. Moreover, alcohol stresses your liver that has to overwork to clear the toxins. This can get in the way of your goal to turn your slouchy belly to chiselled abs.

5. Take the stairs

It might take you a few extra minutes to reach your office, but in those few minutes, you can burn more calories than you can ever imagine. According to a study, 0.17 calories are burned per stair climbed and 0.05 calories per stair descended. According to the University of New Mexico's Health Sciences Center research, you burn 15 calories per 3 flights of stairs (average flight of stairs being 12 steps).

That means for every step you climb you burn 0.42 calories on an average. If you do this 3–4 times a day, you won’t only burn a decent amount of calories, but you will also stay active throughout the day.

6. Don’t shy away from chillies

Diet food doesn’t necessarily have to be bland. Especially if you’re on a weight-loss diet, a few extra peppers can do you great good. Chillies not only speed up your metabolism and burn fat, but also make you eat your food slower.

When you eat your food slowly, there are fewer chances of overeating. We can’t think of a tastier way to get rid of those extra inches. Can you?

7. Eat fewer carbs

Want to get rid of those extra inches? Stop having unnecessary carbs. Most of us consume more carbs than our bodies require. This leads to weight gain.

You don’t have to starve yourself. Just make smarter choices and replace carbs with healthier foods. Cut down on chapattis, rice, potatoes and pasta and replace them with lean meat and high-fibre vegetables such as carrot and broccoli.

8. Drink herbal teas

Swap your regular cup of chai with herbal teas. Herbal teas usually use spices and herbs that are proven to boost metabolism, burn fat and get rid of toxins that make it harder for you to lose weight. Initially, you might get cravings for your sweet and milky cup of chai, but once you get used to the taste of herbal teas, you’ll prefer them over the fanciest cocktails.

9. Do high-intensity training

You must have noted that when you indulge in a high-intensity exercise regime, you experience a sudden burst of energy. You might also have observed that this sudden boost of energy stays on for quite a long time—even after you’ve stopped the high-intensity activity. Why is it so?

Well, the amount of energy released during high-intensity work is so great that it keeps burning your calories even after you’ve stopped doing that activity. So, to get rid of the belly fat faster, be fast when you exercise.

10. Aim for a total body fat burn

Your tummy might be your problem area, but don’t spend all your time on it. Instead, aim for an overall weight loss, and your tummy will automatically go down. Make smarter lifestyle choice, switch to healthier alternatives, exercise regularly and be happy—you’ll see a significant difference in your body.

We hope these tips help you get your desired results.

If you’ve any other tips and hacks that might attribute to achieving a slender stomach, leave them in comments below. Thanks in advance!  

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